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Stand by You 1

Title: Stand by You
Length: 1/?
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R (this chapter PG)
Warnings: incest (stepfather-son), underage sex (Jae is 23 years younger. Beware.)
Genre: tragedy, angst, romance
Disclaimer: this is pure fiction. I don't make any profit with this.

author: abcdefghiluvyou
plot by: zoevo :

Yunho got married to Jaejoong’s mother when Jae was 4 and 2 years later, Jae’s mother gave birth to Changmin. Unlike Changmin, a happy and talkative kid, Jaejoong was always quiet but thanks to Yunho and his mother’s love and special attention, he actually felt happy with his 4 member family until Jae was 12 and Changmin was 6, his mother passed away on a car accident.

Seeing his once perfect family broken, Yunho being devastated, Changmin turning silent, Jaejoong decided to get his happy family back by taking his mother’s place in Yunho and Changmin’s life. He did all the things he had seen his mother doing to take good care of Yunho and Changmin, even slipping into his parents’ bedroom and cuddle up with Yunho at night. To Yunho, Jae was a kid who always needed love and extra attention and he loved Jae as his own son. Knowing how depressed and insecure Jae was feeling when losing his mother, he let the kid have his ways.

It’s when Jae was 15 and Yunho started to date again that Jae felt the need to be the actual wife in Yunho’s bed to keep this seemingly perfect family his. beware of spoiler!

Summary: When Jaejoong's father died, it didn't take his mother long to find somebody else to marry. Jung Yunho, 27 years old and at the first glance not a Daddy-person, became the world for the 4 years old Jaejoong. But when his mother died years later in a terrible accident and his small family started to fall apart, Jaejoong promised himself to do everything -everything- to save the happiness of both his little brother Changmin's and his step-father Yunho's. Literally.

A/N: A YunJae. I'm an idiot.

So I found this plot at jaeho_detox and decided to adopt it.
couldn't resist the cuteness D:

Chapter 1:

Stand by You

When Jaejoong was three years old, his father died with screaming lungs full of water.

One second his Daddy was with him on the beach, teaching him to overcome his fear of the mysteriously glistening water, and next second he was motionlessly floating upon the waves, his usually happy face flushed and swollen.

Jaejoong stared down at his father in confusion, silently admiring the dark green seaweed adorning his father's pale neck. Like an elegant and delicate woven scarf it was wound allover his silently sleeping father's body, tough too tightly wrapped around him to take it off and play with it -especially around his neck.

The small boy pouted, even more so when his Daddy refused to wake up and play with him, but eventually he continued to play in the sand by himself, his soft voice talking about this and that, until his cheerful play was interrupted by a terrible scream full of agony and pure horror.

It was his mother's voice.

Irritated Jaejoong sat up, his small and pale body glowing in the sun, and in no time a lot of people came rushing down the beach. And then Jaejoong was lifted up and carried away by an aunt, while the frightening scream of his mother was still ringing in his ears.

It wasn't hard on the small boy. One day his Daddy had been there, piggy-back-riding him, the next day his mother knelt down in front of him, taking his small hands in her icy cold ones, and told him in a voice full of suppressed tears and sorrow, that his Daddy was gone, taken by the mermaids in the sea in front of their home.

Jaejoong, confused and upset about the way his mother's voice had trembled and broken while she lovingly had brushed away loose strands of hair from his forehead, found nothing wrong with his Daddy wanting to play with the beautiful maidens of the sea.

He nodded his small head and then hurried upstairs in his bedroom, away from the sad looking adults crowding the living room of his home, to search for his beloved book of fairy-tales, from which his father sometimes had read out for him aloud to shush the omnipresent sound of the waves into a soft soothing background melody of his colorful dreams.

Inside the safety of his bedsheets, he admired the beauty of the cheerful mermaids in his book. He closed his eyes, slowly falling asleep to the sustained washing sound of the waves and his last thought was his father, floating under the sea, with the green hair of a beautiful mermaid wrapped around his ghostly pale throat.


Jaejoong understood his Dad, he really did. But nevertheless his absence meant that he had to play alone on the beach from that day onwards.

For the next months the small boy was placed under the protective spell of a fairytale bubble, and Jaejoong learned to build his dreams of a family and the father he slowly started to miss again, upon castles of sand. Near to the sea though, so that the waves could swallow up his longing and loneliness into the blue and impervious depth in which he believed his father was floating peacefully.

He became lonely. When his father had disappeared into the depth of the sea so had his only friend. In the small village where Jaejoong had been born weren't any children his age and so the boy mostly played by himself, while his depressed mother was outside, working for their living.

He was alone most hours of the day, only surrounded by his fairytale-books he wasn't able to read (yet), the beach he was forbidden to go near to (unless his mother was with him, but she hardly found the time) and his small amount of playthings (which he never had cherished with the sea right in front of his home).

He was at a loss of what to do. Seconds, minutes, hours passed as monotonously as the eternal come and go of the waves and Jaejoong found himself curled up and waiting for his mother -the only person left to talk to in his life- day for day for day.

With the loneliness came the silence and with the silence the loss of the playful shimmer in his big eyes. The small house in which Jaejoong had been growing up ever since he had been bore became vast and cold and frightening with the absence of his parents.

And when his mother returned home late at night, she found her son crouched down in the tiny entrance space in front of the door, head down and hidden behind tucked up knees every night. It broke her heart, but she wasn't able to do anything against it.

His mother watched him growing silent and distant, all alone on the deserted beach of their small village on weekends, and swallowed up in the starched vastness of his cotton-white bedsheets at night, but she was unable to embrace his small frame to wash away all the confusion and the silence with the warmth of a mother's hug. She was unable to love him as much as Jaejoong deserved to be loved as a lonely and more and more depressed child.

It wasn't as if she didn't do her best for him though.

She tried to find time for him, to make him happy and cheerful again, but even when Jaejoong smiled at her and embraced the attention she gave him with all his heart, the depressed silence stayed within the small boy. And one day his mother just surrendered and decided to finally admit that maybe she wasn't the best mother walking the surface of the earth.

Jaejoong's mother had believed her lifetime long, all the 25 years of her life, to be the most happiest person on earth. She had found and later married the love of her life, and several years later, Jaejoong had been born into the world and into the awaiting arms of both her and her husband's. Her heart had never felt bigger nor more whole than the moment Jaejoong's small newborn body had been placed upon her heaving chest, while her husband had been standing beside her, holding her hand with tears in his eyes.

She had believed to love both her son and her husband to an equal amount, but now, with her husband dead and a child to look after all alone, she was proven wrong. She loved her child, she did. But not as much as her husband. And when he was gone, she was left behind to realized that she always had been a woman who rather wanted to be loved than loving someone herself. She was a woman, who needed to be loved in order to function, she was a woman, who loved the fact to be loved.

It took her three month to find someone to date again. Three more month to be in a strong and beautiful relationship with the same man, and then six more month until she married Jung Yunho. It was a quick affair of signed papers and the congratulations of only the officials in the register office. Twenty minutes after she and her husband-to-be had sat down on the uncomfortable chairs in front of a huge desk, Mrs. Kim became Mrs. Jung and her 27 years old husband was a married man for the frist time of his life .

Jaejoong's mother had the decency to wait until her son's forth birthday, but then she packed a suitcase for both her and Jaejoong, took his small hand in hers and left the village.

She walked down the small path of beach stones her late husband and she had carefully arranged so many many years ago. And with each step she took away from her home and into the awaiting arms of a young man leaning against a black and sleek car, she left behind her memories and dreams of a future which had been built out of sand to be washed away by the timeless rhythm of the waves.

She never looked back.


Jung Yunho was by all means not a Daddy-person. Jaejoong had been confused and scared when this impressive uncle he had only seen a few times before in their house had lifted him up and into his impressive car with impressive nonchalance.

He had been silent when his mother had kissed the man lovingly on his lips and he had been silent when she had ordered him to behave and to be a good little boy while she had fastened the seat belts around his tiny body.

And now he sat in this big and brand-new smelling car, literally lost while this intimidating uncle turned on a freeway to Seoul and sped up while listening to his mother's happy voice with a slight smile dancing upon his lips.

He still was confused and scared while silently sitting at the backseat on their way to their new home, with his mother's happy chatting and the man's pleased laughter.

Jaejoong chewed on his lower lip and watched his mother's bright face of happiness behind the safety of his raven bangs. His big eyes were round in wonder and uneasiness and his small body shivered in the cold of the air-conditioned car.

Neither his mother, nor that uncle acknowledged his presence, but that was not what made Jaejoong feel uneasy. He was used to be alone and silent even with his mother around, but what made him feel so insecure and small was the way his mother seemed to have totally forgotten about his very existence as soon as she had sat beside that man.

Jaejoong watched his mother's mouth forming word after word and then shyly glanced at the man on the driver's seat. That uncle was young, handsome. Even with his four years of lifetime Jaejoong knew that back when he had been a child, this uncle must have been one of the stronger kids on the playground.

It made him bite and chew on his fingernails, because he couldn't help but think about his lost father, who had been someone to tell him fairytales and who had shown him soft and gently days of comfort.

Jaejoong dropped his head, feeling defeated on his inferior father's behalf while watching the dulled light of the evening sun dancing upon the muscular and golden skin of that driving uncle's arm.

He must have fallen asleep then, the fascinating play of sun rays breaking through the tinted windows of the car too monotone to keep him awake, because the next time he opened his eyes it was to a big and warm hand gently caressing his cold cheek.

Jaejoong blinked in confusion, vision blurring for a moment, before the spinning outlines of a broad shadow right in front of him melted back into a solid form.

A small noise escaped Jaejoong's dry throat and his eyes widened. The warm hand only stopped for a split second, but then continued to stroke his cheek gently and soothingly.

“You are awake, Jaejoong?”, the voice was soft and gentle, just like the touch of that palm against Jaejoong's cheek.

The boy shifted his small body slightly, unconsciously leaning into the calming touch of the warm hand. His big eyes were clouded with confusion as they locked upon that uncle's gently smiling face.

Too shy and confused to say something, Jaejoong shifted his eyes sideways to his mother's form, surprised to find her asleep on the passenger's seat.

He licked his lips and looked back at the older man, but his eyes stopped, to look out of the windscreen, only then noticing the dark sky and the stars above. And that the car was stopped and that they were clearly neither in the countryside nor on a freeway anymore.

He looked back at the older man slowly, chewing his lower lip again. He took a quick glance into the unwavering warm and gentle eyes of that uncle, but shyly dropped his gaze as soon as their eyes met.

A low chuckle vibrated through the calm silence of the car. Another hand came up and reached out for him, but this one settled upon his head, gently mussing up the sleep-disheveled dark strands of hair.

Jaejoong's eyes widened and his breath hitched, the boy unsure how to deal with this small act of affection. His soft lips twitched and then the corners slightly pulled upwards forming the phantom of a fleeting smile, before a pale hand quickly covered it.

The older man's smile widened and he chuckled again, before gently tugging on a thick strand of hair. His eyes looked into Jaejoong's shy ones and the smile became deeper, more encouraging.

The warm palm slipped down the small cheek and under Jaejoong's chin, gently lifting the boy's face up to meet the older man's eyes.

Jaejoong's breath hitched, but he silently obeyed, not dropping his eyes this time and watching how something deep passed the dark eyes of the older man. Jaejoong's own eyes slightly twitched in wordless confusion, before the older man shook his head slightly, as if to get rid of a thought he did not wanted to linger in his mind.

Jaejoong watched the eyes of the older man gaining even more warmth, before the man dropped them, turning his body to open the door beside his driver's seat to step out of the car. Jaejoong swallowed down his uneasiness, as his eyes stayed fixed on the uncle's body, which slowly walked to open the door on Jaejoong's side.

A small moment of silence with just his mother and himself breathing in the expensive inside of the car, and then Jaejoong's door was opened gently and a cold night breeze instantly hit Jaejoong's small body.

The boy's head was lifted to meet the silent eyes of the older man, and then the uncle bent down, his body slightly pressing against the small boy's, while freeing the boy from the seat belts.

Jaejoong's body shivered from the warmth the broad body of the older man was radiating and he unconsciously leaned closer, his cold body pressing against the older man's at the same time the belts clicked free.

“I'm Yunho.” The older man lowered his head a bit so that their eyes were on the same level.

Jaejoong watched the man with silent eyes, taking in the way Yunho's body was way too tall to fit comfortably into the car even as bent as he was, noticing how the warm hands hesitated, how an unsure expression passed his handsome features, how Yunho's spine cracked in protest as he bent his upper body even lower, how Yunho bit on his lower lip.

Jaejoong chewed on his lower lip, before silently lifting his small arms and then wrapping them around Yunho's warm neck. The older man took the hint and wordlessly, but with eyes full of thankful relieve, lifted the small form of the boy up and against his warm chest, as he unbent his body back into a straight position and out of the car.

Jaejoong pressed his small face against the warm crook of Yunho's neck and missed how a wide smile spread on the older mans' lips. He closed his big eyes, his small nose wiggling at the unfamiliar but pleasing smell of wood and something else. He shifted in Yunho's strong arms, pressing his face closer to the calming warmth and listening to the low chuckle vibrating against the soft skin of Yunho's neck.

Jaejoong smiled slightly, not used to letting the muscles on his lips dance, and then leaned his whole body, which had been still slightly tense, against Yunhos warm and strong body.

They walked around the car, to the passenger's seat and then Yunho gently opened the door with his free hand, while his other tightened around Jaejoong's small form.

His mother was awake after half a minute of gentle whispered words to make her parting goodbye from dreamland easier and the woman blinked, irritation in her eyes as she sat up to her son securely being held in Yunho's arm's.

His cute face was hidden, but the small piece of cheek she could see in the faintly illuminated night was pink and flushed. It made her smile, unsure and unbelieving and her eyes flickered up to her husband who only smiled at her and then very carefully shrugged.

The woman climbed out of the car wordlessly, her lips almost instinctively forming for a kiss, but instead of leaning into Yunho's awaiting ones, she bent down and kissed her son's head, thankful, so thankful that Jaejoong had somehow given Yunho a chance.

From the corner of her eyes she could see Yunho pouting and she smiled, but what made them both really laugh in surprise and embarrassed joy was when Jaejoong looked up from the safety of Yunho's warm skin and watched the older man pouting and forming his lips for a begging kiss.

Without thinking too much the small boy leaned forward and kissed the man just like his Mommy had kissed him a heartbeat before.

Two pairs of adult eyes dropped down to stare at him and Jaejoong made a silent noise in his throat, before pressing his face back against the safety of the crook of Yunho's neck.

There were two pairs of hands running up and down his spine and gently patting his head, and Jaejoong relaxed, his eyes half open as he stole quick glances at his silently laughing mother and up to the chuckling older man.

While the three of them, entwined as his mother's hand sneaked its way into Yunho's left-over right hand, walked up a beautiful, flower bordered path to a large and awaiting house, Jaejoong's eyes fluttered close.

But in the flickering darkness of his vision he could see three people, hand in hand, illuminating the night around them.

A family.

And as he sighed slightly, his teeth stopping to chew on his pink bottom lip, and as reality gently bended into something else, something calm and soothing, Jaejoong could see a familiar woman holding a small boy in her soft arms, while a young man, at the first glance impressive and intimidating, had wrapped his strong and protective arms around them, his small family.

Jaejoong smiled, something small and beautiful leaving his lips, as Yunho lowered the sleeping boy into the big bed the family would share at the first night in their new home.

Yunho's breathing hitched and he looked at his wife, eyes wide and unsure, but the woman smiled, leaned down and kissed her baby boy good night, before turning to her husband, a cheeky smile on her lips.

She left the bedroom, silently making her way through the darkness-embraced house, while Yunho leaned down, his right ear millimeters away from Jaejoong's soft breathing lips, and then-

Incoherent mumbling, small sounds of content, and then a word slipped past Jaejoong's small lips which made Yunho flush in both joy and unfamiliar embarrassment.

As the men joined his wife under the shower and gently washed her hair with loving movements, his mind was a million miles away.

There was no turning back now he realized, but Yunho couldn't care less, because this night Jung Yunho, 27 years old and newly married, and at the first glance really not a Daddy-person, became a Dad for the first time in his life.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Next Chapter: (here)

A/N: My god. What have I done. A YunJae. Holy shit.

This plot was a bunny I adopted from zoevo three days ago.
I posted the original plot in the A/N's above for you, but please beware
of the spoilers. you can also see the claim here @ jaeho_detox

so how is it you YunJae shippers? like it so far? :)

Anyways, the title... Is “stand by you”, obviously because of my lack of
creativity when it comes to titles and because it was the first song on shuffle
when I searched for a title in my iTunes (that's the way I decide on stuff like that
whenever all nine olympic muses and the goddess of inspiration ignore my sorry ass )

yah. Sorry, sorry.

And don't worry. I have NOT forgotten about my 3947473920 other stories DD:

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