abcdefghiluvyou (abcdefghiluvyou) wrote,

Colorblind 1

Title: Colorblind
Length: 1/?
Pairing: JaeSu
Rating: R
Warnings: demons, mentioned rape, mentioned abuse, murder
Genre: tragedy, dark, angst
Disclaimer: this is pure fiction. I don't make any profit with this.

author: abcdefghiluvyou

Summary: He had prayed hour after hour for redemption, and the only creature answering his silent prayer had to be a demon. Letting go was so hard, so hard, so hard when hardly lived, but there were no colours left for Junsu. They had mixed together, all of them, until they had melted into a bleak gray, leaving him surrounded by black and white in the end, colorblind.

A/N: update, because apparently I'm an idiot.


Junsu lay in a dark alley, alone, eyes closed as he felt blood dipping down his thighs, and pooling on the ground. It wasn't night but the filtered, dirty sun rays weren't quite reaching into the small space between the two grand apartment-walls.

Junsu was cold, and he longed for the warmth of his beloved, for someone to hold him close and make him feel safe and whole again. But there was no one, he thought bitterly. Not for him, never again, as the love of his life had lured him into the gentle traps of a blinding love, before using him, breaking him, leaving him open, and bleeding out his foolish heart once full of dreams and hope.

He was beyond broken, his mind wandering, as he silently prayed and pleaded for help, for someone, for anyone to hear him, to help him, to listen to him...

There was a deep and amused chuckle right next to his crouched and depressed form, and Junsu startled, weakly raising his head to meet the dark shimmering eyes of a demon.

Junsu swallowed, and fought to get up on his knees, his arms shaking as he balanced his upper bodies weight on them.

A demon. A demon had heard his silent plea. A demon had come to listen. He had prayed hour after hour for redemption, and the only creature answering his prayer had to be a demon. A demon.

“How much are you willing to pay, little human?”, he heard the demon whisper in his low and deadly voice, and Junsu's lids fluttered close, translucent tears falling down his marred cheeks, before he could help it. Even if it was a demon -someone had heard him, someone had cared enough to hear him.

He opened his eyes, a piercing expression replacing the empty one, determined, strong-willed, a decision made.

“Everything...”, he whispered, voice cracking as he watched the demon's eyes twinkling with amusement, before the deadly and beautiful creature leaned forward, into Junsu's personal space, and full and perfectly shaped lips came to rest against his chapped ones, to press a little, to taste him, a small pink tongue licking the softly arched outline of Junsu's upper lip.

“Everything?”, the demon purred, and Junsu couldn't help but shudder at the pleased tone, eyes avoiding the demon's large and bottomless deep orbs.

“Yes.”, he breathed out, against the demon's plump lips, a small moan escaping him, as pale and soft fingers slipped under the hem of his dirty shirt to caress hidden skin.

Junsu moaned again, pale hands pressing against his flat stomach, and the beautiful demon pressed his lips fully against the weak human ones, tasting the bittersweet energy on the edge of his tongue, that only belonged to humankind alone.

The demon made a pleased sound, eyes capturing the whole body offered to him. This human was beautiful. And he was going to make him his.

Junsu's eyes fluttered close again, as he felt the demon's hand sliding down his hips, under the waistband of his ripped pants, to cup his round cheeks with soft palms.

He forced himself to accept the cold hands, not to jerk away from the inhuman feeling of too cold skin, and pushed all the thoughts of consequences far away from his spinning mind.

He heard the demon chuckle again, and opened his eyes to see an amused smirk forming on those dusty-pink lips. The demon leaned a bit closer, his tongue darting out to lick over Junsu's lips for a last time, before leaning back, eyes wary now, as he calculated and thought about Junsu's offer.

Junsu only leaned back a little, catching his breath and taking in the sight of the beautiful demon in front of him, how the weak sunlight in the darkening ally danced upon his pale skin, and shimmered upon light brown hair, how everything about this creature was so perfect and breathtaking, so sensual and luring- and so utterly deadly.

He watched how the demon titled his head, before a sweet smile spread on those sinful lips and Junsu shivered slightly, and at the same time forced his face to stay calm and uncaring, as his own lips were tempted to form a little smirk of their own.

Demons were greedy creatures by nature. There would have been no way this demon would have refused his offer, and Junsu knew it, despite the demon's efforts to look considering and nonchalant.

“You're willing to pay everything I ask for, little human?”, the demon asked again, his voice altering between a purr and a sickening sweet coo.

Junsu closed his eyes, desperation creeping its way back up his spine, and he gave a curt nod, missing the brilliant smile, which stretched the lips of the demon far too wide to look human.

“Yes...just, kill him.”, he whispered, eyes still closed, as cold cold arms wrapped around his broken form.

“Okay.”, he heard the demon whisper in his ear, blowing a cool breeze against his tear-damped cheek, and then those full lips were back on his own, rubbing slightly, and a tongue lapping at his lower lip, a silent demand to open up.

And Junsu was quick to obey, his lips parting with a silent groan, and legs spreading for the demon, who let his hands wander down to hidden places, abused and bleeding, but the demon did not care, and Junsu never complained.

His weak body was pressed against the dirty wall of the alley, and then a finger brushed against his abused opening, and Junsu shivered, grasping at the demons fine shirt to twist his shaking fingers into the soft surface of the material.

The demon smirked, before pushing an elegant finger up the human's tight channel, his beautiful and large eyes closing in delight as he heard the human screaming softly against his shoulder in pain.

Junsu's body quivered in the demon's strong hold, knees buckling weakly, but the demon was holding him safe, Junsu's body not once slipping, as cold fingers found their way to curl around the base of the human's soft cock, and others twisting their cruel way into the depth of Junsu's core.

The demon hummed in satisfaction, hands not once leaving Junsu's body, as he pressed the human firmly against the wall, while pulling his fingers out of the boy's bleeding channel. Junsu shuddered as he watched how the crimson coated fingers were raised against the demon's lips, plump flesh closing around the petite digits, delusive innocent eyes closing in delight as a pink tongue sucked the blood off of fingers.

Junsu's breath hitched as he watched the demon moaning in pleasure, eyes closed and head slightly thrown back, and Junsu swore he had never seen anything more beautiful in his whole life.

The demon opened his eyes, offered the stunned human a small and mischievous smile, before capturing Junsu's lips with his own. Junsu groaned, tasting blood, and salty-sweet desire, the demon's saliva coating his lips, binding him on his soft flesh, as a sickly and sweet mist started spinning in his head, blurring his vision.

The demon was slowly pressing against him, inside of him, but the numbing mist in his head paralyzed his synapses, pain signals blocked on their panicked way to his overwhelmed brain.

Junsu moaned wantonly, pleasure washing through his body, and down his spine to pool in his lower stomach regions, his fingers gripping tight on the demon's cold skin, his legs wrapping around hard working hips on their own... and then the human tried to press the demon closer, deeper, and then more, more, more...

There was a low chuckle vibrating at the back of his mind, the spinning mist disturbed in its rotating motion, as it was forced to blow away like dust molecules in the changing wind.

“You're mine now, beautiful human. And I will grant you your greatest wish...”, Junsu's eyes rolled backwards as he felt the pleasure coiling, one of the demon's hands finding its way to wrap around the base of his cock, stroking him, quick and fast and demanding, and Junsu saw fireworks of black and yellow exploding beneath his closed eyelids- He came with a hoarse cry of his beloved ones name falling down from the edge of his twisting tongue and past his parted lips.

The demon only smirked, holding the weak and trembling human still against the wall, as he pounded in and out of him, fast and sensual, plunging as deep as he could, seeking pleasure in the comfort of the human's delicious heat.

He came, with a beautiful moan, eyes snapping down to lock his gaze with the human's half closed eyes, while he emptied his load deep inside the human' s channel, tainting him with his sin, marking him, claiming him, stealing his soul.

Junsu made a small noise as the demon pulled out of him and gently lowered him on the ground, the demon himself crouching down in front of the human in all his naked glory, not bothering to put on his clothes as he stared deeply inside Junsu's lost eyes.

He could see hurt, so much hurt pooling beneath the small layer of numbness, and there was love and yearning and so much more, so many human emotions, and the demon leaned back, breaking the eye contact, as he fumbled through his clothes for a cigarette.

He lit it, the faint glow reflecting in the human's empty eyes, and the demon smirked a little, before inhaling deeply, and then exhaling the fine smoke right into the human's face. Junsu's eyes raised slightly, a question in those beautifully lost orbs, and the demon licked his lips, arousal rising again, but he had to take care of the deal first.

“I'll kill him for you...”, he smiled as he saw the boy's eyes blurring with emotions, before he dropped them to the ground, hiding his tears.

The demon licked his lips again, the taste of the human's body melting in his mouth. “I'll kill him for you, and then I'll kill you. The price for killing a beloved is an equally precious soul...”, the demon exhaled again, before continuing. “You'll be born again, I'll withheld you from the plans of fate, I'll make sure you'll be born close to him, and you'll get your revenge.”, the demon exhaled, gave a small flick and then leaned back some more, watching the human while taking another drag.

“You'll have all your memories, he won't. It will be easy, your wish will lay in your own hands though.”, the demon's voice tuned harder, deadly and warning as he added: “I'll be there. Next to you, watching you. You'll be mine, and I'll swallow you whole if you develop feelings for him, if you fail for what you'll be born again...”

The human paled but nodded, his fingers tensing while twisting the dirty cotton surface of his ripped shirt. He was thinking though, about the demon's words, searching for a trap in those smooth promises.

“Demons don't lie.”, the demon silently remarked, cigarette still dancing between his elegant fingers. The human raised his eyes and interlocked them with the demon's bottomless ones. “That's true. But they don't tell the whole truth either.”

The demon smiled and chuckled slightly, clearly amused. “We just reserve some unspoken words for ourselves.”, he offered, voice not unkind and eyes softening as he watched the human's face twisting in pain.

There was a wordless battle going on in that small human body, and all the demon could do was waiting and watching.

Watching the human struggling with the prospect of having to bid his goodbyes to the bright colours life once had offered him to paint the picture of his future with. But there were no colours left for Junsu. They had mixed together, all of them, until they had melted into a bleak gray, leaving him surrounded by black and white in the end. Colorblind.

“You belong to me now, anyways Junsu...”, the demon finally purred, submitting to the desire to ease the decision for the small human, his body leaning closer again, his lips brushing against a set jawline.

“I tasted your life on my tongue and drowned in your memories, you belong to me now, and I won't give you back to fate and predestination...”, Junsu shivered at the finality of the voice, fighting the urge to lean back against the soft touch of lips against his cooling skin.

“I'll love you in his place, I'll take such good care of you, I'll make you feel safe and good...”, he stopped as he saw the human smiling slightly, and quickly, the demon bend down and captured those small and helpless lips with his own, devouring them with a passion alien to his kind.

“Demons can't love.”, Junsu whispered, and the demon leaned back, purring in agreement, pressing his tongue against Junsu's moving lips, tip dipping down into the moist cavern.

“That we can't.”, he affirmed, hands resting against the human's body, drawing small circles upon exposed skin.

Junsu sighed slightly, and then pushed the demon's hands off his body. “You won't love me, but my soul is yours to play with, until you're satisfied and ready to fulfill my wish...”, the demon smiled at those words, hands reaching out to press the human against his cold body.

“I'll take good care of you little human, after all you're beautiful...”, he murmured, icy cold fingertips resting on the small of Junsu's back, before sliding lower, up and down the boy's cleft.

Junsu breathed heavily, feeling his rational consciousness slipping away once again, and before he could loose himself in the spellbinding lust and passion the demon offered, he reached out to caress the beautiful creature's pale cheeks.

“What's your name demon?”, he whispered, voice breathy and deep with emotions.

Letting go was so hard, so hard, so hard when hardly lived.

The demon bend down, pulling the human fully into his arms, trapping the small form, pressing the delicious warmth against his ever-cold body, before he leaned in to press his lips against the delicate shell of Junsu's left ear.

“Jaejoong.”, the demon whispered, and Junsu's vision blurred before turning black.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Next part: ('Don't send me away')


A/N: I don't even know where this fucking came from. I was sitting inside the bathroom,
doing some serious business and then...this monster unwrapped itself somewhere along the depth
of my tangled and what-dinner-to-cook-today-occupied mind DDD:


...anyways, the question: oneshot? or chaptered? *facepalm*

and then you maybe ought to know that this was unbeta-ed, so don't come to me crying :D

Tags: chaptered: colorblind, fandom: dbsk
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