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Find Me chapter 1 B

Title: Find Me
Length: 1B/5
Pairing: MinJae, YooSu
Rating: NC-17
Warnings:Vampire, slavery, underage-sex, rape, abuse, violence, gore, blood
Genre: horror, violence, tragedy, dark angst, taboo-themes
Disclaimer: this is pure fiction. I don't make any profit with this.

author: abcdefghiluvyou

Summary: Wavering on the edge between consciousness and numbing darkness, Jaejoong knew he was broken beyond repair. He knew he wouldn't be saved by his mate, knew he would never see his strong body and beautiful face again. He weakly starred at the narrowing piece of the starlit night sky, and then his tongue twisted around the pain to form his mate's name, which blended into one sustained scream of pure agony, before his world turned black, and gravity lost its sense.

Former parts:

(Chapter one A)

Jaejoong was drowning in icy cold blackness. Died with burning lungs screaming for air. And came back to life surrounded by icy cold water to drown again. Came back to life. Only to die with burning lungs screaming for come back to life surrounded by darkness...and...more water, a constant struggle for air -doomed to fail and then...
Darkness. Cold water. Suffocating. Drowning. Burning sensation. Pain, pain painpainpain.

He couldn't get out, couldn't lift the heavy cover of his stony prison, couldn't claw his way through the thick walls.
His nails broke, one after one, blood mixing into the darkness of the water around him and he cried out, trashing, squirming, banging his small body against the walls until his bones were breaking.

He couldn't really move, the tiny space too small to even stretch his small legs and arms. Doomed in his crouched position, he had to take death after death, his body screaming from the intense pain and agony he had to suffer. But there was no one, no one, no one listening to his screams and drowned pleas of help, and eventually he relapsed into silence, his cries fading away to echo in the back of his blank mind for the short lifespan in between darkness and numbing bleakness.

He was drowning, drowning, drowning... His prison making sure to pump water inside his body, before his regenerative immortality forced the icy fluid out again, only to have the water back inside of him eventually. He was drowning in an eternal circle of darkness and pain.


It took him almost a decade to numb the constant agonizing pain of the water burning its way through his air passages enough, to be able to think around the soundless screams in his head. Through the thick fog of pain he starred at the utter darkness in front of him, trying to feel his body with blind eyes, and for a second he wondered for how long he had been drowning since he had been caged inside his stony prison, before he once again died suffocating.


A couple of deaths later he noticed the water not reaching up to his roots of hair anymore. He was so stunned by this discovery, that he missed his chance to tun his head in time to get his nostrils in the tiny airy space between the stony cover and the water he was drowning in. Next time he woke up he pressed his face almost immediately against the cover of his prison. He sucked in what he expected to be air, only to choke on...the lack of air. His head fell back inside the water and he died within seconds.


No way out.

And then the heat increased. Icy cold water turned boiling hot, and for a split second Jaejoong wondered if his mind had been too occupied, too busy being clouded with pain, to notice the constant change of water temperature over the years. He felt his body cramp, decided that it really didn't matter, and then went limp. It was the last accurate thought crossing his mind for a long time.


He got used to the pain. It was his constant companion anyways, and one day he opened his eyes from the tiring heaviness of death to take in a reflexive breath of air, only to choke on water again, but this time he somehow expected the pain and vaguely remembered the promise of relief death bought, while his systems tried to fight to stay alive.


After another decade had passed, he actually found his comfort in the numbing bleakness of pre-death, this one minute his heartbeat echoed in his ears -the only real sound he was able to hear once in a while. This one minute where his brain shut away from the pain and the hurt and the loneliness. This one minute, his cracked sanity didn't matter and he was close to feeling free from gravity and time. Every time he came back to life, he yearned for that one fleeting moment of content, and slowly Jaejoong lost himself somewhere along the roads of escapism his shattered mind offered him.


A century passed. Jaejoong was boiled alive beside drowning and he adjusted to the pain.


Another century passed and the water had decreased enough in quantity for the boy to notice.
After what felt like an eternity, Jaejoong opened his eyes to feel his face free of moisture. Startled he lifted one of his wet hands out of the water and up to his face, only to cringe at the searing pain of moving his stiff muscles and at the sickening feeling of dissolved fingertips upon decomposed skin.

His nonexistent breath hitched, a reflex from a life he couldn't remember anymore, and somewhere in his tangled mind he understood that he was slowly at the process of mummifying -at least the parts of his body free from water. His hand fell back down inside the water and he jumped at the unexpected sound of thick droplets splashing and echoing in the darkness.

He took another nonexistent breath and closed his eyes. He was too lost to notice that he suffocated much slower then usually. But over the past centuries he had lost the meaning of time and difference, and when Jaejoong noticed, really noticed he wasn't drowning anymore but slowly suffocating from thick air, his mind couldn't comprehend and find an explanation for it.

It would have been an easy one: water finding its way out, and air finding its way in, to replace the vacuum. But the process was slow and Jaejoong's sanity too lost to have the boy really care about anything else besides shutting himself away from pain and suffering.


Centuries passed, but time had lost its meaning.

When he opened his eyes again the water was gone. So was the heat. It didn't make any sense until a silent voice in his head told him that he was dying. For sure and for good -even if it didn't made any sense, and that his body did not produce any heat anymore.

No electromagnetic pulses, no shock-waves, no heartbeat, no hot breath escaping his desiccated lips. He could feel his body, shriveled, mummified, and shrunken enough to lie down on the tiny bottom space in a crouched position. But he couldn't move his limbs. He couldn't lift a finger, couldn't moisten his dry lips couldn't...feel his body belonging to him. His mind was a wandering fragment of his self, but his body was lost. So was every emotion, every heartbeat...

So much aware of himself, yet utterly lost, Jaejoong's mind shut down and his whole body went on something like a ...close-to-death stand-by mode. The air around Jaejoong cooled down and came to an halt, and after almost five centuries of constant suffering, dying and coming back to life, his heartbeat slowed down enough to stop, and after a last shuddering intake of breath -the fleeting ghost of a name whispered into lost space, the boy was finally allowed to die.

Jaejoong was gone.

Embraced by blissful ignorance, lost to find shelter in the comfortable depth of his mind, he was gone.

For the moment.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Somewhere Changmin shuddered at the sudden absence of pain. It was strange...he didn't even noticed that he had been in constant pain until the sudden lack of it had eased his whole body and he had been able to gain back his used to be upright body posture, ...which he since long had forgotten to be his permanent one, now that he thought about it. Changmin straightened his body, which had been ever so slightly bent since...since forever.

With the pressure of gravity suddenly lifted from his body, he found himself inhaling the air deeper and in a more satisfying way then he had the past couple of centuries. He felt great, but had to admit that he was quite confused.

He searched in his well organized brain for an answer to this defiant mystery, but found none satisfying enough to get over it. He sighed deeply -something he also was surprised to be able to do, and tilted his head sidewards. It was, and he knitted his eyebrows together in angry confusion, as if he had been crippled and left with only half his strength in his body since...dammit, since forever.

“Mind to tell me why you look ready to kill, Minnie?”

Changmin turned with an annoyed snarl to look at his best friend. Yoochun was sitting comfortably on one of the spacious couches in Changmin's great living room, his little mate seated right beside his feet. An amused smile was tugging the corners of his perfectly shaped lips upwards and his eyes danced with joyful anticipation.

Somehow, lost in the amazing feeling of being free from the unknown pressure, he had managed to totally forget about Yoochun's presence. He glared at his best friend, then shrugged in annoyance. With narrowing eyes he watched his friend lifting his mate from the floor and up on his lap with careful movements.

Changmin decided that he better distracted his friend from the perfectly curved body of his mate in order to save the sheets of his couch. Because -and Yoochun would never believe it- he was quite found of that one, since sheets dyed in such a rich and deep bloody red were still rare to find.

“Yoochun! You better get your hands off of Junsu, or I swear I'll kick you out. Both of you.”

Changmin sensed a major headache nearing when he looked at the disappointed pout forming on Yoochun's lips and the dirty smirk spreading on Junsu's. He sighed again, massaging his temples before sitting down on a love seat across from the couple. He crossed his legs and clasped his hands in his lap, back straight and face suddenly smooth and free of emotions. Yoochun watched him silently getting a hold on himself, before he put both his large hands on Junsu's small hips and lifted him off from his lap. Junsu immediately cuddled as close as he could to his mates body and rested his head on Yoochun's shoulder. The couple waited for Changmin to speak, Yoochun's eyes softening with worry when his best friend remained silent.

“Changmin? Dude seriously, what's up? Something's bothering you?”

Changmin pursed his lips, his dark thoughtful gaze resting on Junsu, silently observing the little changed human. He did not shift his gaze away until Junsu started to squirm under the intensity of the stare and Yoochun cleared his throat to get Changmin snapping back to reality.

“I was wondering...”, Changmin's voice drifted into silence again, before he averted his gaze from Junsu to meet Yoochun's expectant eyes. “Yoochun I was wondering...didn't I use to have a mate, too? Back that time before we came of age?”, his voice was unsure, the sentence soaked with doubt and Changmin watched Yoochun's expression getting puzzled, and immediately jumped to the conclusion that he had to be wrong.

If Yoochun couldn't remember a mate, then there just never had been a mate. He sighed in frustration, annoyed that he had to search for a better answer to solve the mystery of the sudden missing pain, and leaned back in exhaustion. “Never mind, I just got this funny feeling telling me tha-”

“His name was Jingjoong, -no, ...Jaejoong.” Junsu's hoarse voice cut through Changmin's sentence without hesitation and without averting his hungry gaze from Yoochun's groin. A heavy silence followed that one little outburst of information, until Junsu sighed in resignation and turned his head upwards to meet Changmin's demanding eyes.

With an needy expression, telling Changmin just how much rather he'd love to suck on Yoochun's cock then sitting here and discussing some long forgotten mate, Junsu obediently cleared his throat and licked his lips to enlighten him some more. Changmin and Yoochun were shock stunned anyways, and judging on the curiosity shimmering in Yoochun's widened eyes, Junsu doubted he'd be allowed to bend over and swallow his mates cock down his throat anytime soon. Cursing inwardly, he leaned back on Yoochun's shoulder before he opened his mouth.

“I don't really remember the details, but one day you two came back from a hunt and you, Changmin, had this rather ugly unconscious thing in your arms, claiming him as your mate and annoying everyone who hadn't been fast enough to get outta your way to death, with proclaiming every goddamn minute that he was your precious, and thus better left unharmed.”, Junsu snorted.

“As if anyone would have touched him, really. You don't even remember yourself freaking out over his ugliness as soon as you snapped back from bloody-la-la-land?...Oh, and I only remember all of this, because it was the one and only time I had to prevent Yoochun from killing you and not the other way around...”

Junsu stretched his well shaped body backwards, his torso forming an arc, which perfectly fitted against Yoochun's upper bodies curved side. He missed the panic-stricken glance Changmin flashed at Yoochun, before the man was up on his feet and out of the door.

Junsu sat back up when he felt a cold breeze hitting his body and his eyes immediately fell upon the empty space on the love seat where Changmin had sat just a moment before. He blinked in confusion and turned his head to face his mate, his eyes quickly turning wide and innocent when he noticed the angry glint in Yoochun's eyes. Yoochun lifted one of his hands up to his mates head to nestle it in Junsu's hair and carefully tugged on one of the many dark locks in disapproval.

“You could have broken the news to him in a more gentle way, you know?”, he scolded Junsu softly, before biting on his lips in order to prevent himself from wincing at the feeling of immense shame flooding his mate's body, and then further into his own, thanks to the connective bound they shared.

“I'm sorry Yoochun.”, Junsu guiltily whispered with his eyes directed on the ground miserably. Yoochun cupped his mates face lovingly with his hands. They stared at each other silently, until they heard something which pretty much sounded like rocks cracking and bursting from outside the garden. A moment later they heard the agonizing screams of someone being ripped apart and Junsu tsk-ed at the stupidity of the human servant, who had been obviously too slow to get out of the very enraged Changmin's way.

“Too bad, I liked that girl, she was quite cute for a human... and you were so careful around her, since she was the last one you got before the law was passed, and thus was supposed to last for an unknown amount of time...”, Yoochun scolded more then greeted his raging friend a moment later, when Changmin stepped back inside the room to throw himself onto the love chair.

His lips were pressed to a firm line and there was blood on his hands, which were still trembling in rage. A terrible snarl ripped through his throat and Yoochun quickly wrapped his arms protectively around his mate. Junsu pressed himself willingly against Yoochun's warm body, confident of his mates strength to protect him if needed. But there was no real danger, they both knew that Changmin would never hurt them, so they relaxed and waited for the man to calm down.

Changmin inhaled deeply, his rage fading into anger and eventually settling down to displeasure.

“Mind to tell me some more? Just minutes before I was wondering about the absence of pain and the equally sudden gain of power I suddenly felt, and now the cock sucking bitch of my best friend remembers the existence of my mate he'd rather love to deny to save time for further cock sucking activities?”, Changmin snorted deeply and -to his own delight- in utter disgust. “Wow Junsu, way to set your priorities. You must be deeply in love with little Yoochun there if you-”

”Would you please stop bitching?”, Junsu interrupted with an irritated voice. “It's not like I'm purposefully denying you information or something...there simply isn't much to say about this Jaejoong person.”, Junsu stared impassively into Changmin's incensed eyes, but Yoochun sat up in sudden concern.

“Absence of pain? ...What do you mean, 'absence of pain'?...pain?”, Yoochun's voice was uncertain and small, and Junsu could only roll his eyes at the sudden wave of worry flooding his small body through his connection with his mate. Talking about over-sensitive little bitches...

“Calm down Yoochun? You too Changmin! This is easy to explain, jeez!”, Junsu searched inside the tangled mess of his memories for some more information, before he turned back to Changmin.

“As far as I remember all of this happened...some centuries ago. It's easy to explain why you forgot about him, since he was your mate for like...two decades at the longest, which is a complete asshole joke of a timespan, really. Ungrateful little thing disappeared one day, hence the sudden lack of power, and the constant pain you had to go through, since you both...still share a bound? And if you ask me, it's easy to assume that he might have been surprisingly smart enough to keep his distance from you, yet somehow managed to get himself into some painful trouble.”, Junsu paused at this.

“Which leads us back to your connection with him, forcing you to feel whatever painful things he goes through.”, Junsu felt Yoochun tugging on a strand of hair again, and questioningly turned around.

“How come you remember him so well?”, there was no suspicion in Yoochun's voice just plain curiosity, and Junsu had to bit back a smile. He gave a small shrug and pressed closer to his mate.

“I really don't remember much of him...but I do remember that he had this unheard light hair and those big big eyes.”, Junsu lost himself in his memories for a second before he smirked and sat up to look deeply into his mates eyes.

“Everyone whispered behind Changmin's back that the boy belonged to a western human-culture behind the grand ocean, -to the wild and uncivilized cultures you know, but he looked a bit too asian for that, in my opinion. Anyways, those big eyes...He had been the first savage I ever got to see, and you had forbidden me straight to go near him, even when he had been indeed you best friend's mate.”, it was Yoochun's turn to smirk, and he playfully tugged on the silken locks with a minimum of more force.

“I see. So you just had to get to know him better, huh? Fantastic Junsu, you already had proved yourself worthy enough a mate back from all that time ago... ”, Junsu hummed in approval and Changmin felt like clearing his throat to have the attention in the room back on himself.

“He...was a savage...?”, Changmin -proud and arrogant and so sure of himself Changmin, almost choked on the word. Junsu, a second away from devouring Yoochun's still smirking lips, turned back with a frustrated groan, but his eyes immediately sparkled in delight at Changmin's aghast expression.

“My my...way to set your priorities, dear Changmin.”, he mocked and leaned back in satisfaction at the dirty look Changmin shoot him as an answer.

“Well yeah..he was, and after getting over the first shock of looking into his face, it was quite easy to be something close to friends with him- as long as Yoochun wasn't looking I mean...”, Junsu ducked under his mates hand, feeling no desire of letting the back of his head getting smacked.

“You were friends?”, Changmin almost shrieked in disbelieve, still struggling to get over the savage image in his head. Junsu gave a masterfully nonchalant shrug and finally leaned in to kiss Yoochun fully on the lips. Changmin waited until Junsu's little, pink tongue was back in his own mouth before he voiced his anger.

“You were friends. How come you forgot about him until the day I ask about him?”, Changmin was frowning at the end of his sentence. “Dammit, Junsu, you could have spared me years....decades or even fucking centuries of pain!”, his voice trembled with anger and he pressed his mouth back to a firm line when Junsu's only answer was a dirty click with his tongue.

“Oh come on Changmin! It's okay for you, his very own mate, to forget about him, but I have to remember a rotten face I only saw every now and then, when Yoochun had been busy looking in an other direction? I'm not as old as you two are, but I lived for a long time too. Two decades are nothing, and so easily lost in the amount of time we have lived through. He was just another face and another story lost in the depth of time -wow poetic. Besides, ...friends...”, Junsu had to smirk a little.

“When I say 'we were friends', I mean he loved me. Which isn't anything surprising because everyone loves me.”, Junsu watched his mate and Changmin rolling their eyes in sync and smiled.

It wasn't that he was arrogant, he was just well aware that he was everything a member of the sacred race wished to have as a mate. He had a well-build body with sun kissed golden skin, was all curvy and smooth, his eyes were beautifully shaped as was actually everything in his face: gorgeous, and so much in harmony that people tended to get lost in the sheer beauty of its perfection.


He had been a very well-bred little human from one of the small human-farms, where children at age five were given away to interested scouts of the sacred race, to become the perfect and most desirable servants for the noble class beyond the uncrossable border of the sacred spheres.

Junsu had been one of the lucky children to get chosen, and from that time on had been raised solely to serve the highest bidding person at an auction held for all human slaves once they turned twenty. Fifteen years long he had learned to shape his body into perfection, and how to avoid any physical damage upon it. He had learned each and every sensual technique his trainer had offered, and finally had turned twenty, with the prospects of being the most desired sale product at the auction, -the main auction.

That was were he had met Yoochun, who had been a silent onlooker among the masses gathering around the low stage, where the auction had been decided to take place. Junsu had followed his trainer through the small path between the masses, confidence clearly written over his handsome features, as he had watched various people going wild with the desire to own him, as soon as their eyes had fallen upon him.

Junsu had been right at the process of climbing the stage, when his body had shuddered from a sudden jerk deep within him, and next thing he had known was a noble man snarling right into his face and ripping his throat to a bloody mess.

Dazzled and shocked Junsu had failed to notice his trainer going berserk with rage at the sight of his most exquisite and probably most lucrative boy toy getting sucked dry by a madman. Ready to bring that idiot to justice, the trainer had drawn his claws, but Yoochun had had his very own ideas of not getting separated from that heavenly body in his arms and had detached himself from Junsu's throat just long enough to proclaim in a very deep and dangerous voice that this human being belonged to him as his mate, and to no one else.

No one had dared to interrupt the process of mating after that, and Yoochun hadn't wasted any other second, before he had slit his wrists deep enough to have his blood literally spattering on the half-unconscious boy's face.

Junsu's trainer had watched the whole thing with unbelieving eyes, bitter of being forced to let go of the thrilling vision of getting royally payed off for fifteen years of hard work on that sinful body, now twitching in that goddamned nobleman's arms as the man was right at the process of pouring his blood down the human's defenceless throat.

But by law it was forbidden to step between two fated mates, and even if Junsu had been the lover of the great goddess herself, there would have been no one to hinder him of becoming Yoochun's mate -not even her holy highness herself. And Yoochun had known that he had to have this little human, as soon as Junsu had emitted that one scent just right in front of him, which had driven Yoochun, -and Yoochun alone, crazy with the need to claim him as his mate.

With the slowly changing human in his arms, he had snarled deeply and satisfied as soon as his claim on Junsu had been accomplished, and their newly tied bond had ever so slightly jerked in response. Their hearts had slowed down to find a synchronous rhythm, and once Junsu's frantic breathing had eased back to normal, they had even emitted the same harmonic scent of affiliation. All secret doubts cleared up, hurray, and Yoochun had swung his little mate in his arms and had hurried back home.

It goes without saying that Junsu had been royally pissed when he had woken up in Yoochun's grand mansion with the auction he had waited for all his human lifetime long over, and the madman from earlier sitting across from him, claiming in a very loving voice to be his very loving mate.


He leaned back on Yoochun and -pooling under a thin layer of annoyance- sensed the love and pride his mate felt for him. Yoochun was indeed so proud to have the beautiful male as his mate that he never ever stopped worshipping him. It was funny how their roles were so reversed, but neither of them gave a damn about traditional roles between their races.

Changmin cleared his throat again and it didn't miss to amuse Junsu how Changmin tended to do that a lot when he was irritated or around him and Yoochun....which was probably one and the same for the proud bastard.

“Don't you dare smart-assing on me Junsu. You spent a whole year with Yoochun's dick in your ass anyways!”, this time he didn't need to fake the disgust in his voice. Junsu blinked owlishly, before smiling angelically and in delight.

“Well yeah...regenerative immortality does that to you. One day you wake up and find yourself bored enough to agree on a stupid bet...and yeah...”, Junsu didn't do Changmin the favor of finishing the sentence, but shrugged with a feigned bashful smile. Changmin rolled his eyes. “Oh yeah, but of course Junsu.”

“Yeah...especially when humankind suddenly decides to grow all independent and mature, and denying to the 'supernatural' existence of the sacred race.”, Yoochun threw in his two cents before yawning. “But hey, I don't mind becoming a myth if they feel the need to repudiate our existence.”

Changmin had to snort. “Yeah, and I really wonder why. As if there isn't anything more sacred and mystical then watching your dick rotting in Junsu's ass -how did you even shit with his cock filling you up to the hilt, Junsu?”, Changmin watched Junsu cringe and decided that he'd rather be left in the dark.

“Uhmn, you don't want an answer to that one.”, was Junsu's sole answer and Changmin was more then happy to drop the subject. Breathing hard and concentrating on inhaling and exhaling, he tried to get the disturbing images out of his head.

“At least certain body-parts of yours regenerated back as if nothing happened...”, and more silently he muttered to himself: “Common Changmin, as if nothing happened. You can do it, ban the dirty images deep inside the hardcore Yoosu-folder of disgust...”, this had Junsu jolting upright with sudden interest. He pouted and looked into Changmin's eyes disapprovingly.

“Yoosu? How come his name is first, when it's my dick up his ass ten times more often then it's the other way around?”

Changmin exhaled audibly before turning towards his best friend's mate. He glanced quickly at Yoochun, but the man just leaned back on the couch, amusement sparkling in his half closed eyes. Changmin gave another disgusted snort, really hoping for them to leave him some time soon, as they were of no real help to him anyways. He licked his lips and smirked.

“I really don't care whose dick is inside whose ass more often -but since you asked so nicely Junsu...”, he made a short artful break to line up his words neatly inside his head.

“You're a cock-sucking bitch -always have been one. And even if you fucked Yoochun a hundred times more often then he fucked you, you'd still be the little bitch in your relationship. Because you know what? When it comes to sex, it's all about the length. Be grateful that Yoochun's actually long enough to get you satisfied, bitch. Since I bet it's rather hard to reach your cock-hungry hole with that plump ass of yours.” Changmin had to smile at Junsu's sulky expression. Yoochun's lips formed a silent 'Thanks buddy'.

Junsu was quick to recover though. He huffed, and leaned back on his mate for support. “I really liked him better back when he was messing with all those human girls. Sexual frustration is so not suiting him. He tends to turn into a snarky bastard, you noticed Chunnie?”

“Yeah. Too bad human girls and any interaction with humankind besides the obvious most needed one are strictly forbidden for the time being. Oh the hardships of becoming a mystical myth!”

Changmin scoffed, before he rose to stand from the love seat. “Fuck off, Chunnie. You two are so getting banned from my mansion.” There was a feigned shocked gasp from Junsu and a low chuckle from Yoochun, so Changmin crossed his arms and looked at them with his best pokerface.

“Oh no, Chunnie. He's serious!”

“I noticed. What a shame, he doesn't even use his comfortable mattresses to their full extend, too bad!”

Changmin swore while leaving the room with fast, annoyed footsteps. “I really hate you both. Go, suck your cocks and then hopefully choke on them while doing it!”

Junsu purred at the mental image, while grinding his lower body sensually against Yoochun's crotch. Yoochun closed his eyes and moaned. His hands found their way around Junsu's small hips and then Junsu was up in his lap, riding him, the only things left between them their clothes. But Changmin knew it was a matter of seconds before either Junsu or Yoochun would take care of that hindrance too.

“We love you Minnie...”, he heard them moan in sync, before he closed the door behind himself, groaning in frustration.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - end of part one - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Next part: Chapter two A


A/N: Congrats if you read until the end without vomiting.
and...I feel like I should explain myself, since my best friend
very carefully hinted that some of you might question my sanity if I don't.

Here we go:
NO, I'm not crazy and NO, I don't try to cope with some funny shit that
had happened to me in my past while writing this...thank you :D
actually I'm pretty normal and boring, with the most common childhood
and the most loving parents to proof this.

regarding the next part:
please note that it will be anything less gore or hardcore, so if you
found this part disturbing or too violent, I'd say you refrain from reading
this series.

and then...I'm in a desperate need of a beta, since mine is totally
awesome, but also a busy woman -and I don't want to burden her. me? :3

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